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Safety Self-Assessment

Psychedelic-Cannabis Safety Self-Assessment

The Seattle Psychedelic Society is an educational and community-building platform for visionary experiences. This self-assessment is offered as a free tool strictly for awareness purposes only.

A Few Comments About the Self-Assessment

Conscious Cannabis Experiences [CCE] and other psychedelic experiences are very safe but they are not for everyone.  

Answering a yes to any of the safety self-assessment questions below may indicate a need to slow down and to check in with a Facilitator about attending a Conscious Cannabis Experience, or might require the postponement of attending a CCE if it represents a significant concern.

You are encouraged to have all your questions and concerns addressed before participating in any CCE or psychedelic experience. Truthfully answering “no” to every question does not guarantee a positive experience. By participating in a CCE you are agreeing to take full responsibility for any outcomes experienced.  


1) Are you pregnant or nursing? [Answering yes to this question requires postponing your session until you are no longer pregnant or nursing.]

2) Do you have any past or present medical conditions (either physical or mental health) that may affect your ability to safely participate in this event? [A CCE is not appropriate for persons with cardiovascular problems, severe hypertension, severe mental illness, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness, or epilepsy.]

3) Have you ever required significant treatment or been hospitalized for a psychological or emotional disorder, or for any other psychological or emotional reason? [ Mental Health Contraindications (reasons not to attend) include, but are not limited to clinically significant acute anxiety or other severe mood disorders, psychosis, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, acute/unprocessed trauma and PTSD (without support), acute addictions, suicidal ideation/self harm and tendencies for disruptive behavior.]

4) Have you ever had a severe, adverse reaction to using cannabis or other psychedelic medicines, physically, emotionally or otherwise?

5) Has a health professional ever advised you to cease or otherwise limit consumption of cannabis, psychedelic medicines, or using altered states practices?

6) Have you ever experienced extreme paranoia or anxiety, panic attacks, or other extreme negative experiences while using cannabis, or any psychedelic drugs, or during any other times in your life that required a significant intervention? [We’ve all experienced anxiety in one form or another... the key here is something that required a significant  intervention.]

7) Have you ever fainted or blacked out or otherwise adversely lost consciousness while on cannabis or any psychedelic medicine? [While this can happen to anyone, some are more susceptible than others, particularly those with low blood pressure. Please let a facilitator know and take extra time in sitting and standing up after the completion of a CCE.]

8) Have you ever had extremely unusual or disconcerting thoughts or ideas, or extreme levels of energy (inability to sleep for days or racing thoughts, or alternatively extremely low energy) after the effects of a psychedelic/cannabis should have worn off? [These could be symptoms of certain mental health concerns that should be evaluated by a mental health professional.]

9) Do you have any acute, current or past substance abuse/dependence issues? [While cannabis can be used to treat addiction, addiction treatment requires additional support.]

10) Are you currently on any medications, supplements or recreational drugs that could affect you safely participating in a CCE?  [Using other mind altering substances besides cannabis in a CCE is expressly forbidden.  Please do not come on any other mind altering substance as it would increase the likelihood of a difficult or overwhelming experience and negatively affects the safety of yourself and other participants.]

11) Do you have a history of disruptive or violent behavior, either physical or emotional? [For the safety of our participants, any intentionally disruptive behavior is not tolerated at at CCE. Disruptive behavior does not include spontaneous healing and transformational releases that require Facilitator intervention and support.]


12) Do you have a history of traumatic or difficult life events that has not been addressed or is not being supported therapeutically? [CCEs are designed to compliment psychotherapy, not replace it. If a difficult past experience unexpectedly comes up in your experience during a CCE, you are strongly encouraged to seek professional mental health support.]  

13) Do you have any present concerns around suicide or self-harm?  [Again, a CCE is not the appropriate context to address suicidality or self-harm without significant psychological support. Please seek professional mental health support.]

14) As you contemplate attending this experience, or when checking in with yourself right before it begins, are you extremely anxious? [While mild to moderate anxiety is completely normal before a CCE, extreme anxiety, panic, and physically shaking/trembling before an experience is an indication to maybe not participate or check in with the facilitator.]

15) Have you recently had a major transformational experience, with a psychedelic medicine or otherwise, that feels almost complete but not quite, or unresolved? [Ask us about this one if answering yes. It has been our experience that people who have done a lot of transformational work can have significant breakthrough experiences in a CCE.  This is good news but can be intense. Please prepare accordingly.]

16) Do you ever feel extremely uncomfortable in group transformational processes? [Even though you will be safe and fully supported in the CCE, it is still a deeply transformational process in a group setting (unless an individual experience).  Previous experiences in group processes is an indication of how comfortable you’ll feel in a CCE].

17) Are you currently involved in any legal proceedings? Criminal or civil? [Please speak to the facilitator before attending to ensure this is a safe experience for you, ie probation requirements.]

18) Anything else you think we should know about? Please bring to a facilitator, or use this space to include any additional comments, questions or concerns.

The Psychedelic-Cannabis Safety Self Assessment by Medicinal Mindfulness is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.  Copyright © 2015-2019 Medicinal Mindfulness LLC and Daniel McQueen. Copies and derivative works must contain a link to the most current version at and must be appropriately attributed and shared under the above Creative Commons License (

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